What To Do With Old Cheese Graters?


1. A Candle Holder

Tuula at Thrifty Rebel Vintage has combined three vintage cheese graters using metal wire and have added a tealight holder at the base. To hang it she has added metal chains and for making it yet more pretty she has added vintage glass chandelier crystals at the base.

2. An Earring Holder

Diane at Turning Clock Back  spray painted a freestanding cheese grater in a beautiful powder blue color and painted the handle of the greater in white. Then she added an embellishment of flowers at the top. To make it look even more lovely she hot glued pearls at the bottom four corners of the grater and a cute earring holder came into existence.

3. Vintage Grater Office Organizers

Image via: Live Laugh Rowe

4. A Utensil and Towel Holder

Image via: Home Road

5. An Owl Wind Chime

Shirley Hatfield at Pinterest has shared a wind chime that is created in the form of an owl using small jello molds, a cheese grater and a wooden and metal spoons.

6. A Memo Board

Etsy Shop Timeless N Chic has shared an idea of making a memo board. They have combined three cheese graters by tying them with jute twine. This cheese grater memo board can also stick magnets easily.

7. Cheese Grater Pendant Lamps

Etsy Shop Benclif Designs has transformed old freestanding cheese graters into amazing pendants lamps. To make these you have to drill a hole in the handle of the grater and then pass the lamp’s wire and hardware through it and voila!

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