What To Do With Old Coffee Creamer Bottles?


1. Easter Bunny Candy Containers

Easter is on its way and this candy container idea by Makezine blog is surely a worth trying project this Easter for kids.

2. Cereal and Snack Containers

Wendy Pickett at Pinterest and Stockpiling Moms Blog have shared a wonderful way to get your pantry organized. Simply upcycle empty creamer bottles into containers for storing stuff like cereals and snacks.

3. Colorful Kids’ Telescopes

Jamie at Hands on As We Grow has shared a telescope idea that she made with the help of her little boys who decoupaged creamer bottles with tapes.

4. A Cute Birdhouse

Image via: Tommy Becca Midkiff at Pinterest

5. Easy to Handle Paint Containers

Susanne Seaton at Pinterest has shared a paint storage idea for those who have kids fond of painting or they themselves use paints a lot. You can create mess free paint containers with creamer bottles.

6. A Jute Vase

Katie at Thrifty Finds & Redesigns has created a stunningly beautiful vase by covering a creamer bottle in jute twine. All you need to do is to hot glue one end of jute twine to the bottom of a creamer bottle. Then start wrapping it around the bottle and as you cover a height of almost an inch or half, hot glue the twine so that it may not slide off.

7. A Washi Tape Covered Multipurpose Container

Dana at 3rd Grade Gridiron covered a creamer bottle in colorful washi tapes and the result is a container that can be used for many purposes such as storing hair pins, pencils and other stationary items.

8. A Hanging Succulent Planter

Image via: Whipperberry

9. Super Cute Penguins

Image via: Jean Caceres-Lindbert at Pinterest

10. A Pen Holder

Tami at Tambo’s Creations cut creamer bottles and covered them in scrapbook paper and a fancy trim. Then she arranged them all inside a wine rack and a lovely pen holder came into existence.

11. Paper Mache Dresses

Tammy Klassen at Pinterest has shared an idea for those who love fashion inspired decor. You can create paper mache dresses with creamer bottles.

12. Snowman Marshmallow Containers

Image via: Gayle Gordon at Pinterest

13. An Oil Bottle

Imari Shah shares a creative way to recycle a creamer bottle into an oil bottle.

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