What To Do With Old Glass Marbles?


1. Polymer Clay and Marble Snails

Etsy Shop Orange Hound has come up with a super cute idea you can try for your garden. By using polymer clay you can make the body of a snail and top it with a glass marble to mimic a shell. Then make the antennae with metal wires. You can make as many as you want and put these critters in different parts of your home’s outdoor area.

2. Baked Marble Pendants

Hopeful Night Owl has shared a super creative way to make pendants out of baked marbles. The term baked marbles means a process of baking marbles in oven for about 20 minutes and then immediately adding them to ice cold water so that they develop cracks internally. Then you can attach caps and rings to string them for making necklaces.

3. A Wire and Glass Marble Mobile

Image via: kobunecraft at flickr

4. A Pair of Earrings

Creative Thriftiness has also shared a tutorial of making earrings from cracked single colored marbles.

5. Glass Marble Fence Decor

Image via: Wendy @ Pinterest , Rachel Stewart @ Pinterest

6. A Colorful Wreath

Spring is almost here and if you want to make a wreath for your door then grab the collection of your old marbles and make a wreath like Celia Larimer at Pinterest has shared.

7. Miniature Glass Floats

Sharon Ojala at Homemade Obsessions combined the skills of macrame with glass marbles and created these adorably cute miniature glass floats.

8. Glass Marble Mosaic Fishbowl Lanterns

Image via: Artistic Junkie

9. A Rainbow Suncatcher

Image via: Jen Sneddon Holden at flickr

10. Candle Holder Fillers

Frou Frugal blog has shared a way to make a candle holder. Simply put a votive candle in a vase of bigger size and fill the space between the two with marbles. When you will light the candle the marbles will look just heavenly.

11. A Garden Sphere

TaDahpdx at Etsy has shared a garden globe idea. Simply hot glue marbles to an old bowling ball and see what a masterpiece like this will come into existence.

12. A Marble Tree

Image via: Garden Web

13. Cute Mini Teapots

Thoughts on Life, Clay, and Other Stuff Blog has created these sweet mini teapots using glass marbles and metal parts.

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