What To Do With Old Shutters?


1A Storage Shelf for The Bathroom

Donna from her beautiful corner of the blog world shares a creation for her bathroom that is a stunning shelf made with old shutters and some reclaimed wood. (via Funky Junk Interiors )

2A Collection Display on Distressed Shutters

Originally resting in a barn of Amanda’s friend these old shutters got a distressed look makeover in mustard yellow color and now they display a wonderful collection. Two thumbs up Amanda! (via Crafts by Amanda )

3A Coffee Table

Barbara shared her awesome creation of a coffee table made from an old shutter. She added a beachy touch to the table with a coat of white paint, stones and glass pebbles. (via We Upcycle )

4A Bed Headboard

Marty a DIY enthusiast shared her bedroom’s decor in white, coral and gray color and one thing that truly steals the show is the headboard made with recycled old shutters. (via Marty’s Musings )

5A Plate Rack with Mug Hooks

Created in just 15 minutes this plate rack made from old shutters now is the center of focus of this dining room. (via Laurie Anna’s)

6Nightstands for The Bedroom

Alyson shared her bedroom’s decor projects and we can see two absolutely stunning nightstands that rest gloriously at the two sides of the bed. Who thought a shutter could make such an amazing nightstand combined with a shelf and a lamp? (via The Ragged Wren )

7Magazine Storage Racks

These magazines racks were seen in the craft room tour of West Seattle Fabric Company. We are sure you just got the inspiration for the big supply of magazines you have at your home. (via Craftaholics Anonymous )

8A Kitchen Island with a Marble Top

Old shutters turned into this wonderful kitchen island with a marble top and they are pretty happy to have ended in such a beautiful form inside a kitchen where they receive much attention now. (via So You Think You’re Crafty )

9Corner Shelves in Cool Colors

Costing $100 each in any color, these shelves are perfect to fill any empty corner in your home. (via Selah Your Life )

10A Jewelry Organizer

Jennifer had always wanted to keep her jewelry organized and nothing really worked until she employed this old shutter which truly is a winner. (via Celebrating Everyday Life )

11A Room Divider Screen

This room divider in purple color is available for $169.77 CAD and is simply a great addition for any home. (via Blue Flight Creations via Etsy)

12A Mason Jar Herb Garden

If you are looking for a herb garden then this one is to go for. (via Elizabeth Kate Decor via Etsy )

13A Garden Bench

Two old shutters got a makeover and they were breathed in a new life in the form of a garden bench. (via My Repurposed Life )

14An Accent Wall of Shutters

Kari Anne covered a blank wall in her bedroom in the most unique way with painted shutters that provide the perfect backdrop for the rest of the decor of the room in blue and white. (via Thistlewood Farms )

15A Bathroom Towel Rack

Cheryl Ward created a wonderful towel storage rack for her bathroom from an old shutter. (via Cheryl Ward via Pinterest )

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