What To Do With An Old Birdcage?


1. A Framed Birdcage

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality Blog has used a birdcage in a way probably no one could think of. She has used half of a birdcage painted aqua and has framed it to become the part of the gallery wall display in her living room.

2. A Storage for Books

The Pleated Poppy has a wonderful idea for book worms who have already lined a wall or two with bookcases and still need a storage solution. Simply find a big birdcage that has enough space to store at least 10 to 15 books.

3. A Birdcage Planter

Donna at An Enchanted Cottage has shared a lovely way to upcycle an old birdcage. Let an old birdcage give a home to another life though not a bird but plants still live and grow and will make you happy when you will see them.

4. An Easter Egg Display

Image via: Adventures in Decorating

5. A Whimsical Lamp

Pam at DIY Design Fanatic has created a whimsical lamp using an old birdcage. She spray painted the birdcage and then added a string of lights to it and the result is in front of you.

6. A Desk Organizer

Karen at The Salvaged Boutique found an old birdcage and she knew she had to convert it into a beauteous desk organizer. She painted the birdcage in a wonderful shade of green and then added dowels and plywood boards to become the shelving. Absolutely marvelous work Karen!

7. A Candle and Greenery Display Inside a Birdcage

Image via: Sand and Sisal Blog

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