What to do With an Old CD Rack?


1An All-Purpose Kitchen Rack

This kitchen rack came into existence when an old CD rack met the creativity of Jeanette. (via Snazzy Little Things)

2A Trellis for The Garden

This garden trellis was the result of a fresh coat of spray paint on a CD rack. So, now you don’t have to buy any expensive trellis for your climbing plants. All it takes is an old CD rack. (via Shabby Glam )

3A Jewelry Holder

If you have lots of jewelry and finding the right one is sometimes difficult then simply give it an organized look by reclaiming a CD tower. (via One Sweet)

4A Tea or Coffee Caddy

This tea or coffee caddy is made from an old wooden CD rack by Sharon Hankins of ‘I Restore Stuff’. Her blog’s main theme is bringing into use old stuff just like she restored this CD rack wonderfully (via I Restore Stuff)

5A Bathroom Storage Shelf

Make your bath time easier by giving a home to all your shampoos, fragrances and other toiletries in a recycled CD rack. Simply create shelves in it with some old tiles and voila! (via Jem Bellish )

6A Storage Space for Ribbons

If the supply of your ribbons and trims is increasing day by day as you happen to be a ribbon hoarder then see what a beautiful idea Regina Easter has to offer. You can store your ribbons and trims in a CD tower.(via Regina Easter )

7Storage Shelves above the Bathroom Counter

It is true that creativity has no limits and that is why here you can see that two CD racks were transformed into storage shelves above the bathroom counter. (via The House of Smiths )

8Fabric Storage in the Sewing Room

Erin Singleton had her sewing room turned upside down due to the supplies of some fabulous fabrics she had. So, she employed some CD racks to store her fabrics in such an organized way that it will give you an envy. (via Two More Seconds )

9A Storage for Kids’ Stuffed Toys

A home with kids means stuffed toys claiming most of the space even when the kids aren’t playing with them. Marisa gave her child’s stuff toys a home in the form of a thrift store CD rack. Clever! Isn’t it? (via Make Happy )

10A Vertical Garden of Terracotta Pots

Gail Bennet transformed her old CD rack into a beautiful addition to her garden in the form of a vertical garden tower of terracotta pots. This is what we call from drab to fab. (via Gail Bennett at Pinterest)

11A Scarf Storage Rack

An old CD tower met some command hooks and then they decided together that they want to live a life of a scarf storage rack. A good decision, isn’t it? (via Adrianna Wolaver at Pinterest)

12Toilet Paper Storage Created in CD Racks

Now you can store many toilet paper rolls in a CD rack and forget about filling the single toilet paper holder frequently. (via spotlight , Nena Callaghan at Pinterest )

13A CD Tower Transformed into a Shoe Rack

Are your shoes in need of a home? Well, see how beautifully these shoes are living inside a CD rack. (via Hometalk )

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