What To Do With Old Neck Ties?


1A Three Pocket Pouch

Jaime Leigh at Snap Guide has shared a tutorial of making a practical three pocket pouch with an old men’s tie.

2A Throw Pillow Decorated with Ties

Image via: Shop The Shopping Bag

3Cute Memory Albums

Ashley Hackshaw also known as Lil Blue Boo created these adorable memory albums by using the big collection of her late dad’s ties.

4A Stylish Clutch Bag

Image via: Livbit

5Upcycled Tie Wreaths

Image via: Mikeshinobi at Flickr , Sadie Seasongoods

6A Necktie Rug

Eileen via flickr has shared a colorful round rug that is crafted skilfully with recycled neck ties.

7Button Tie Bracelets

Jessi Wohlwend at Practically Functional has shared a tutorial of making some really stylish bracelets using old ties and buttons. They will look great to team up with your summer outfits.

8A Thrift Store Tie Headband

Nicholette at Craft Envy has shared a tutorial of a cute headband with a crystal centered flower that she has created from an old tie. The method is pretty easy to follow and you can make many like these from different ties for your little girl.

9A Super Cute Tie Dress

Image via: Recreate Design Company

10A Cuff Bracelet

Etsy Shop Ascot Handbags has recycled a tie in the form of a cuff bracelet and to give it a feminine touch they have added rhinestones to the cuff bracelet to make the print even more prominent and chic.

11A Chair with Old Ties Cover

Etsy Shop Old Bag Designer has restored an old Victorian chair and added a wonderful upcycled ties cover.

12A Stylish Brooch

Image via: Delfi

13A Recycled Tie Button Bracelet

Image via: Ascot Handbags at Etsy

14A Wine Bottle Tote

Image via: The Girl Creative

15A Chic Ruffled Neck Piece

Image via: Handmade Mess

16Awesome Necklaces

The Crafting Chicks a blog run by three friends have shared a tutorial of turning old ties into some really lovely necklaces.

17An Obi Style Belt

Rachel Smith via Flickr has recycled men’s ties into a wonderful belt that you can team up with your single color dresses and tops to make a style statement.

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