What To Do With An Old Refrigerator?


1. A Rustic Cooler

Matt2 Silver at instructables has shared a project where he has covered an old refrigerator with pallets and after adding the necessary hardware he has turned that old fridge into a wonderful rustic cooler that is ideal for outdoor summer parties.

2. A Yarn Storage

Donatella of Inspiration & Realisation after swapping her small fridge with a bigger one ended up with one small fridge too small to be used in the kitchen and too cute to be tossed away. So, she gave the small fridge a home inside her craft room in the form of using it for her yarn storage. That’s clever!

3. An Accessories Display

Image via: Paint My Hair Blog

4. A Recycled Doghouse

Inhabitat Blog has shared a doghouse where an old refrigerator is transformed into a wonderful house for a homeless dog.

5. An Old Fridge Pantry

Image via: Square House Blog

6. A Solar Dehydrator

Justine of Cultivating Conscience has shared a tour of a farm. Among many other interesting things this solar dehydrator grabbed our attention. This dehydrator is actually an old fridge that now serves to dry different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

7. Cool Garden Planters

The Garden Buzz and solicitude39 has shared a cool idea to let your old refrigerator live another life in your garden in the form of a colorful vertical or horizontal planter.

8. A Small Closet

Little Piece of Me has shared a picture of a recycled refrigerator that is creatively used as a closet. Along with doing the duty of a closet this fridge has another interesting element and that is the picture collage pasted on the inner side of its door.

9. A Re-purposed Fridge Bookcase

Colleen Miller at Pinterest has shared an awesome way of upcyling a fridge into a bookcase. Now that’s something worth giving a whirl to.

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