What To Do With Old Cereal Boxes?


1Washi Tape Magazine Organizers

Jillee at One Good Thing by Jillee has cut and covered cereal boxes with washi tapes in different patterns and colors and the result is some truly cool striped magazine organizers.

2Cute Toy Guitars

Image via: The Fraker’s Acres

3Drawer Dividers

Jen at I Heart Organizing has shared an idea for all those drawers in your home that are running wild and messy. Simply cut cereal boxes to the height of drawers and then cover them with scrapbook paper and divide the drawers with them. Easy isn’t it?

4Pencil Cases

Image via: One Good Thing by Jillee

5A Cereal Box Cupcake Holder

Image via: Make The Best of Everything

6A Desk Organizer

Amy at Mod Podge Rocks Blog has crafted a wonderful desk organizer using cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls. Two thumbs up Amy!

7A Mini Cereal Box Inspiration Board Organizer

Image via: The Cwafty Blog

8A Mail Box

Image via: Everyday Dishes

9A 3D Star

Image via: Hazelruthe’s

10Cereal Box Notebooks

Michelle at Molly Moo Crafts has shared an easy tutorial on making notebooks with cereal boxes, washi tapes, stickers and buttons.

11A Sunburst Mirror

Image via: By Stephanie Lynn

12Cereal Box Hens

Krokotak has shared a detailed tutorial on making some really adorable hens using cereal boxes.

13Cereal Box Gift Tags

Image via: Offbeat and Inspired

14A Constellation Light Box

Natalie Kramer at Handmade Charlotte has shared an interesting tutorial of making a constellation light box using a cereal box.

15Cereal Box Spice Jar Organizers

Image via: Rambling Mom

16A Kitchen Cabinet Door Organizer

Samantha at Samantha Kamilos has shared a way to make a kitchen cabinet door organizer using a creal box, contact paper and some tape.

17A Marker Organizer

Image via: Hashtag Random

18A Vintage Box

Image via: Ptent Pending Projects

19Contact Paper and Cereal Box Wall Art

Image via: Ahhh Mom

20A Woven Basket

Lisa at Cucicucicoo has a superb idea to recycle all your empty cereal boxes. Cut them all in strips and then weave them into a basket.

21Unique Gift Bags

Image via: Recycle Girl

22Cereal Box Paintings

Image via: DUDADAZE Etsy Shop

23A Foldable Dollhouse

Red Ted Art has shared a creative way to recycle old cereal boxes into a foldable dollhouse that your kids can enjoy with endless fun.

24Lighthouse Candle Holders

Image via: Burton Avenue

25A Cereal Box Puppet Theater

Image via: Red Ted Art

26Cereal Box Beads

Image via: Suzy’s Sitcom

27A Homework Caddy

Aunt Peaches has shared a project of a home work caddy to make your kids’ homework time exciting and something they can look forward to.

28Cereal Box Shadow Boxes

Image via: Taste With The Eyes

29A Purse Organizer

Jen at Fresh Crush has shared an amazing hack for organizing your purse by making a purse organizer from a cereal box and fabric.

30Ribbon and Trim Organizers

Image via: Wings of Whimsy

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