What To Do With Old Cookie Sheets?


1. A Magnetic Board

Sarah at Sadie Seasongoods painted an old cookie sheet in a lovely green color. After that she mod podged a fabric inside the tray and then turned it into a cool printed memo board with a green border. It can be great for your home office or your kids’ homework station.

2. A Serving Tray

Kara at Bright Nest sprayed an old cookie sheet with spray adhesive and then skillfully covered the whole tray with fabric.

3. A Magnetic Glitter Glue Storage

Image via: Be Organized

4. A Cookie Sheet Calendar

Autie at iCandy Handmade has created this super creative calendar using pieces of chipboard, printed paper, mod podge and velcro on a cookie sheet. The result of her creative mind is simply superb and an idea worth stealing.

5. A Shoe Storage Tray

If the journey of your cookie sheet has ended in your kitchen then you can give it a great second chance to live once more. According to Apartment Therapy you can use that tray to organize two or more pairs of shoes that you often wear while going out. In this manner you can organize your entryway with a cookie tray instead of tossing it away.

6. A Tray Cork Board

Image via: I’m Gonna DIY

7. A Cookie Sheet Chalkboard

The Fancy Life has shared a wonderful way to utilize an old cookie sheet. Simply give it two or more coats of chalkboard paint, let it dry completely for two to three days and then place it in your kitchen to write different messages everyday that will put a smile on the faces of your family members.

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