What To Do With Old Jello Molds?


1. Cute Pin Cushions

Lori Holt at Bee In My Bonnet has re-thinked four old jello molds into cute pincushions using lovely prints of fabric. A pin cushion like this can be a great addition to your sewing room or table.

2. Jello Mold Toadstools

Organized Clutter has shared a super cute way to recycle jello molds. Simply paint them in red color and hot glue white buttons over them to make toadstool mushrooms. You can make the stems of the mushrooms using dowels or any woody thing like screwdriver handles.

3. A Tea Light Holder

Etsy Shop Cattales has created a spectacular tea light holder by fixing vintage jello molds on a slab of wood.

4. Adorable Easter Baskets

Cattales at Etsy has shared a way to decorate your home for this coming Easter. You can make holes in old jello mold for adding wire handles. Fill them with faux nests and eggs. for even more beauty you can add beads to the wires and you can dip the edges of the jello mold in glitter glue.

5. Lovely Wind Chimes

If you need a wind chime idea then think about any jello molds you may have. According to Etsy Shop Wdswmn you can make some really fun wind chimes or mini chandeliers by attaching beads and crystals to vintage jello molds.

6. A Spring Garland

Denise Stain at Denise on a Whim has crafted a spring garland with mini jello molds, colorful buttons and twine. Spring is inching closer and this is good decor project you can give a shot to.

7. Tiered Storage Trays

Image via: Home Road

8. A Garden Flower

Beachy Art at Etsy has created a fantastic garden flower accent from a copper jello mold, shot glasses and beads.

9. A Fall Centerpiece

Image via: Chippy Shabby

10. A Light Garland

Mindy at Rindy Mae found some jello molds and an idea popped in her mind. She with the help of her father drilled holes in the molds and fixed them on a string of lights. Then she intertwined the string of jello mold lights around a faux garland and the result is in front of you.

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