What To Do With Old Paint Chips?


1A Stunning Peacock Wall Art

South Magnolia Market’s Etsy Shop has created this jaw-dropping and magnificently beautiful peacock wall art from paint chips.

2A Butterfly Wall Art

Bright Star Kids has shared an easy-peasy artwork where you just have to punch butterflies out of paint chips and then glue them to a canvas with a frame.

3An Elephant Mosaic

Little Girl a Contributor at Craftster made this creative elephant mosaic for her BFF with paint chips. Really a genius use of paint chips it is!

4Colorful and Cool Bookmarks

How About Orange Blog has shared a cool idea for book lovers. Simply turn your old paint chips into bookmarks like these with glue and ribbons.

5A Sunset Scene

Simply Real Style has shown how you can make a scene of sunset using paint chips in shades of blue, orange and yellow. This one deserves a wow!

6Stylish Ombre Earrings

Aki at Minted Strawberry has shown a great way to make your own ombre earrings using paint chips. Now we are sure, all of your dresses are going to have matching ombre earrings.

7An Ombre Chandelier

Image via: Hey Gorgeous Blog

8A Christmas Tree

Lisa at We Are Scout has shared a great holiday decor idea. She has created a Christmas tree in geometric design by cutting paint chips.

9An Easter Garland

Image via: Modern Parents Messy Kids

10An IKEA Clock Makeover

Image via: Kojo Designs

11A Bark and Paint Chip Tree

Image via: Happy Hooligans

12Paint Chip Name Letters

Andrea at Life Love Larson was redecorating her daughter’s room and she gave a makeover to old name letters with paint chips that look just so lively and cute.

13An Anthropology Inspired Necklace

Image via: Quiet Lion Creations

14Bike Wheel Decor

Image via: Broke and Healthy

15Paint Chip Flowers

Image via: hgtv

16A Coffee Table Makeover

Danielle at Minimoz Blog has given a stunning makeover to an old and ugly coffee table. After painting the not so beautiful coffee table white, and using a double tape, she pasted all the paint chips and finally gave a coat of mod podge to the table. The result is in front of you.

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