What To Do With Old Pillowcases?


1Old Pillowcase Garment Bags for The Closet

Better Homes and Gardens has shown how you can make slits in old pillow cases and turn them into garment bags for those clothes that are not frequently used and thus have a chance to catch dirt. You can also use these garment bags for storing bedspreads and other linens.

3A Clothes Hamper

Hello ReFabulous Blog has shared a very easy way to make a clothes hamper. All you need to do is to take a pillow case and fix it between a large embroidery hoop and it is ready to be hung as a clothes hamper. Such a simple yet a clever idea it is!

4A Pillowcase Baby Dress

Steph at Smoking Lily found a set of vintage pillowcases at a thrift store and then she wore her creativity cap and turned the pillowcases into a cute summer dress. You can also give it a try if you have a little girl at home who would love to have a new home sewn dress.

5A Cafe Style Bathroom Curtain

Anita at Cedar Hill Farmhouse wanted to dress the window of her bathroom so she went for creating a cafe style curtain from a beauteous vintage pillowcase that has a lovely embroidery and a crochet hem.

6A Pillowcase Skirt

Bella Dia Blog has another great idea for recycling an old pillowcase. Simply turn it into a skirt by making some alterations.

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