What To Do With Old Shampoo Bottles?


1Monster Pencil and Pen Organizers

Madame Criativa Blog has shared a cute project of making shampoo bottle monster organizers for your kids’ pencils and pens.

2Cute Owls

Image via: Pyssel Bolaget

3Cute Small Purses

Rolf at We Upcycle has shared a way of using the bottom part of a shampoo bottle as a small purse that can store coins, medicines, earphones and more.

4A Sponge Holder

Bonnie at Crafting A Green World has shared a really ingenious and clever way to store the sponge of your kitchen sink on a faucet by cutting a shampoo bottle in the way shown.

5Fun Floating Boats

Image via: Ne Desem Begenirsin

6A Cat Cell Phone Holder

Image via: We Upcycle

7A Fun Necklace

Wimwom Handmade Blog has shared a way of cutting a shampoo bottle plastic into triangles and then joining them to a chain with jump rings to become a cool necklace.

8A Toothbrush Holder

Image via: Eve of Reduction

9Adorable Mini Bags

Image via: Pyssel Bolaget

10Clever Multipurpose Caddies

Image via: Savvy Saving Couple

11Shampoo Bottle Vases

Trisha at Mom Dot has spray painted empty shampoo bottles and then she has turned them into these wonderful vases.

12A Shampoo Bottle Lamp

Image via: Pamela from Manila

13A Monster Bowling Game

Estadao has shared a way of making monsters of shampoo bottles and using them as bowling pin targets with balls made of play dough. It can be a great indoor activity for kids.

14Bath Time Monster Toys

Image via: Estefi Machado

15A Garden Gnome

angie83 a user at Garden Web has shared a garden gnome she has created by painting an old shampoo bottle.

16Sea Inspired Pen Holders

Karen at Krafty Krook has shared her creation of some truly wonderful sea inspired pen holders made from shampoo bottles, old CDs and other embellishments. They can make a wonderful addition to a home office where you want to add a hint of a coastal feel.

17Craft Caddies

Victoria at A Subtle Revelry wrapped old shampoo bottles in a funky printed fabric and then she fixed them on a wall to become craft caddies.

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