What To Do With Old Table Legs?


1. Table Leg Lamps

Terry Moore of Forever Decorating had two old and ugly legs of a table. She gave them coats of paint and then gave them a distressed look. After that she drilled holes in the legs with a long drill, added wiring and installed the lamp parts and the shade. And the result is in front of you; two glorious lamps are perching on small tables in her living room.

2. Mason Jar Lantern Holders

Becky of Beyond The Picket Fence recycled two table legs by attaching hooks to them to hang some really beautiful mason jar lanterns. These mason jars are very special for Becky as they remind her of her beloved son named Mason who is no more in this world. Blessings to you Becky!

3. Cute Table Leg Bunnies

Image via: Sassy Sanctuary

4. A Colorful Candlestick

Be Colorful Blog has shared a kaleidoscopic way to re-use an old table leg. Paint its sections in different colors and patterns and a long and beautiful candlestick is ready to display your candle.

5. A Water Trough Sink with Old Table Legs

Country Living has shared a picture of a bathroom sink that is made by attaching four legs of an old table to a water trough.

6. Cool Chalkboard Stands

The Weekend Country Girl has shared a way to recycle old table legs into fun chalkboard stands. If luckily you have the top of the table available too, you can use it to make the chalkboard part of these stands.

7. A Foyer Table

Image via: Reinvented

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