What To Do With Old Towels?


1. A Concrete Planter

Catherine Elsby at The Rustic Willow came up with a truly unique and interesting idea of making a concrete planter using an old towel. The resulting shape of the planter is very unique and worth saying a wow. So If you also have an old towel give it a dip in concrete and make a cool planter like this.

2. A Soap Pouch

Nikki at Whimsy Love has shared a way to rethink a towel into a soap pouch by following a simple method.

3. A Beach Bag

Beach Petals Blog has shared a cool way to upcycle a beach towel. Simply turn it into a beach bag that you can use all through the summer season.

4. An Owl Pillow

Biene at We Upcycle has created a super cute owl pillow by combing an old towel in gray color with printed fabrics that compliment the gray towel beautifully. To make it you have to cut the silhouette of the owl from the towel. And make the eyes, beak and feathers with printed fabrics and applique them over the owl silhouette.

5. DIY Spa Slippers

Crafty Nest Blog has shared a tutorial of giving a makeover to ordinary flip flops and turning them to super comfy spa slipper by covering them in a towel. That’s clever!

6. A Braided Bath Rug

Sisters of The Wild West Blog has shared a way to make a braided bath rug by braiding together stripes of old towels in three colors.

7. A Kids’ Room Rug

Image via: Sew, What’s New?

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