What To Do With Old Wire Spools?


1A Patio Table

Rachel at Maison De Pax has shared a wonderful outdoor table made from an old spool. If you observe the design, it is ingenious in a way that it is cut from the bottom in such a manner that chairs can be easily tucked in at the time of eating.

2An Outdoor Chair

Image via: Deco Tendency

3An Upholstered Ottoman

Beckie at Infarrantly Creative has shared a tutorial of transforming a spool into an upholstered ottoman that you can use to adorn your living room with.

5A Spool Bookcase

Pink Stitches Blog has shared an idea to use an old cable spool as a bookcase to display and store the collection of your beloved books.

6A Wall Clock

Liz Marie at Liz Marie Blog has created an incredibly beautiful wall clock by recycling the round part of a cable spool.

7A Rope Wrapped Side Table

Dana at Crafted Niche saw a spool like side table at Ballard Designs for a whopping high amount of $200 and then she wore her creativity cap and transformed a small spool into a side table by staining it in a darker shade and then wrapping rope around it. Two thumbs up Dana!

8A Wine Storage Mosaic Table

Image via: Bricolaje Facilisimo

9An Outdoor Bench

Image via: Julieanna Craig at Pinterest

10Stacked Spools Pigeon Coops

Image via: Green Family Farm at Backyard Chickens

11A Computer Desk

Image via: Recycl Art

12A Spool Stool

Lisa Mabey at Mabey She Made It re-imagined a cable spool into a stool that she can use to sit by the side of her window and read. She stained the spool and added a cushion at its top and voila! A cozy stool was ready.

13A Fabric Display

Leesa Spieth at Pinterest has cleverly utilized a spool as it as without any tweaks into a fabric storage and display holder. That seems so interesting!

14A Spool Top Pendant Chandelier

Etsy Shop Olde Brick Lighting has recycled a spool top to serve as a base for a cool industrial pendant chandelier.

15A Spool Planter

Image via: Live Master

16An Outdoor Lamp Post Base

Image via: diydecoracao

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