What to Do With Old CDs?


1Colorful Stenciled Coasters

Amanda Formaro at Crafts by Amanda created these wonderful stenciled coasters from CDs with paint and a stencil. This is so easy-peasy, isn’t it?


2A Wall Organizer

Moy Handmade has shared a project of making a wall organizer from old CDs and fabric and looks absolutely a lovely creation to give a whirl to.


3An Outdoor Hanging Decor

Ellen Gradman via flickr shared a project where CDs are decorated with jewels and buttons and then turned into an outdoor hanging decor. How creative is that!


4Cute CD Lions for Kiddos

Michelle from Crafty Morning has created these super cute lions with colored card stock and old CDs.


5Crochet Mandala CDs

Cristina Vasconcellos via Flickr shared a project where crochet mandalas over recycled CDs are made. Looking cool, aren’t they?


6A Collar Makeover

Marlou Volkerink from Follow Fashion has given a makeover to her shirt’s collars with an old CD. Seriously, who thought a CD can embellish clothes too? Incredible!


7A Glass Marble Candle Holder

Danielle Peltoma at Lake County Today has a wonderful tutorial of making a candle holder using glass marbles and an old CD as a base.


8A Table Clock

Emma Randall Illustration via Etsy has got such a cute table clock with a cool pattern on its face crafted from a CD. It is available for $15.84.


9A Mosaic Planter

Make It Easy Crafts Blog shows us how to spice up a simple terracotta planter into an artistic mosaic planter with a CD and some black fabric paint.


10A Sparkly Clutch Makeover

Emily Geraghty from That Cheap Bitch pimped a simple clutch into a sparkling one with an old CD. Wow, that’s worth trying.


11An iPhone Dock

Julian Horsey at Geeky Gadgets shared her ingenious creation where she has created an iPhone dock using old CDs.


12A Sun Catcher

A Creative Mother at Stay at Home Life crafted this wonderful sun catcher with wooden blocks and CD mosaics.


13A Garden Border

edamommy via Instructables has created a landscape border using the collection of her old CDs and now her garden has an edging that shines in rainbow colors during the day when the garden gets soaked in the sunlight.

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